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                                    Alumni Waves of Service

                                    True Essence of Love staff and volunteers, along with FGP staff, making essential supply bags for volunteers.

                                    Shanetta Weatherspoon (EdD '13)

                                    Shanetta Weatherspoon (EdD ’13) and Monica Pereda (’19), staff members at Pepperdine’s Foster Grandparent Program, have been supporting the isolated elderly volunteers during the pandemic.

                                    Los Cerros High School Facebook Parent Frame

                                    Mallory Bockwoldt ('16)

                                    Mallory Bockwoldt ('16) designed a customized Facebook Parent frame for parents of students at Los Cerros Middle School in Danville, California.

                                    Robert Sellman

                                    Robert Sellman ('97)

                                    Pepperdine Alumnus Robert Sellman (‘97) is helping set protocols and flow for treating the new influx of COVID-19 patients. He is currently serving as the Chief PA, Mount Sinai Emergency Department, New York.

                                    josh burker

                                    Josh Burker (EdD '07)

                                    Pepperdine alumnus Josh Burker (EdD ‘07) started making personal protective equipment (PPE) using a 3D printer and soon started producing masks for doctors and nurses all over the country.

                                    laura carmichael

                                    Laura Carmichael ('02)

                                    Pepperdine alumna Laura Carmichael (‘02) is currently working with a team to provide safe care on the labor and delivery floor at Swedish Hospital in Issaquah, WA

                                    joel ornelas

                                    Joel Ornelas ('05)

                                    Pepperdine alumnus Joel Ornelas (‘05) works as an interventional radiologist in the Austin area, serving patients who have experienced massive traumas.

                                    alan semsar

                                    Alan Semsar (MBA '09)

                                    Pepperdine alumnus Alan Semsar (MBA ‘09) is providing free marketing, creative, and public relations help for any businesses in need during this time.


                                    Derek Sedam ('09)

                                    Alumnus Derek Sedam ('09) is undraising for a critical access rural hospital in Pullman, WA. So far the hospital foundation was able to provide over $500,000 in relief, and our community has come together to donate over $500,000 additional dollars to our COVID-19 Pullman Regional Hospital Fund.


                                    Sarah Lipps ('13)

                                    Alumna Sarah Lipps ('13) owns an acai bowl shop, BARE Bowls in Palo Alto, Ca. She has been serving healthy and tasty food to over 600 healthcare professionals at local hospitals

                                    Carrie Birmingham and students in a Zoom meeting

                                    Carrie Birmingham

                                    Led by professors Carrie Birmingham and Elizabeth Yomantas, two classes of Seaver College teacher education students created a YouTube channel to help children who are learning at home.

                                    Wendy Lecot

                                    Wendy Lecot (MBA '91)

                                    Pepperdine alumna, Wendy Lecot, shares how she used her sewing skills to help create masks for health professionals and first responders.

                                    Tami Barnett ('99)

                                    Tami Barnett ('99, JD '02)

                                    Pepperdine alumna, Tami Barnett, shares how a nonprofit she co-founded has been supporting children in foster care amdist the pandemic.

                                    Shay Temas ('13)

                                    Shay Temas ('13)

                                    Read how Seave College alumna, Shay Temas, is keeping the spirit of "freely ye received, freely give" alive.

                                    Dean Pete Peterson


                                    Learn how a donation made by HSAC@SPP helped combat the shortage of protective gear for medical staff in Los Angeles.

                                    Sharon Swing (MS '93)

                                    Sharon Swing (MS '93)

                                    Pepperdine alumna, Sharon Swing, shares how she uses Zoom to build a community while the world practices social distancing.




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