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                                    Pepperdine University

                                    Career Services

                                    Hire Pepperdine

                                    Recruit students for entry-level positions and careers in business, law, public policy, education, and psychology.

                                    • Students are held to rigorous academic standards.
                                    • Most students participate in hands-on internships or externships.
                                    • Our values-centered coursework focuses on ethical practices.

                                    Find Resources

                                    Get help through individualized support and access to the Pepperdine network available to students and alumni.

                                    • Resources include career counseling and assessments.
                                    • Multiple mentoring and professional development opportunities offered.
                                    • Our offices maintain comprehensive job and internship listings.

                                    Give Back

                                    Offer career advice, industry expertise, or one-on-one mentoring to students and alumni.

                                    • Join PeppConnect, a community for making purposeful connections.
                                    • You can let others know that you're willing to help.
                                    • Our schools offer many more opportunities to give back.

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