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                                    Diversity at Pepperdine

                                    Diversity banner with stained glass - Pepperdine University

                                    Pepperdine's commitment to diversity stems from a Christian heritage that compels us to love justice and to treat every individual equally with respect and compassion. Our faith also confirms that we are finite and therefore our knowledge is incomplete. It is through the inclusion and experience of others from diverse points of view that we often begin to see dimensions of truth previously unseen by us. Diversity not only enriches the educational endeavor, it is critical to it.  (link to "A Christian Rationale for Diversity at Pepperdine")

                                    Pepperdine views diversity as one facet of the prism of values formed by our mission. Diversity will not be merely a means to an end or a way to enrich the experience of the majority. It will be characterized by a relentless aspiration on the part of the entire University community, including boards, administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends, to ensure full engagement of the issues, and to become a clear reflection of the communities we serve.

                                    Statement on Diversity

                                    Pepperdine is a Christian University fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our faith cherishes the sacred dignity of every human being and celebrates diversity as a true representation of God's love and creative expression.  We endeavor to build a diverse community that fully engages the transformative educational process across expressions of human difference.  Therefore, we strive toward academic excellence and a shared sense of belonging with the understanding that a broad range of diverse perspectives enriches the quality of our learning, scholarship, and leadership.  


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