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                                    Campus Recreation


                                    Campus Recreation would like to encourage everyone to stay physically fit while following the appropriate guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As our campus fitness facilities are to be closed until further notice, please see below for a resource for home based workouts.

                                    POPSUGAR fitness has a variety of classes including, bodyweight circuit training, HIIT, Barre, core, yoga, cardio boxing, cardio dance, and many more.

                                    Campus Recreation is committed to providing high quality recreational activities for individuals and groups to enhance personal fitness, wellness, and enjoyment. We offer a comprehensive recreation program that promotes personal enrichment, learning, and development through competitive play, instructional and group fitness classes, special events, cardiovascular and strength training, outdoor education, and educational workshops. Campus Recreation serves all Pepperdine students, faculty, and staff.

                                    For a brief description of our programs, please see below, or for further information visit our main site at community.pepperdine.edu/campusrecreation/.

                                    Explore Campus Recreation

                                    Fitness and wellness programs - Pepperdine University

                                    Fitness & Wellness

                                    Interested in taking your fitness to the next level? Campus Recreation can help you achieve your goals through our various fitness programs and services. We operate several fitness centers on campus and our certified instructors lead a variety of classes including Kettlebells, Yoga, TRX, Caveman Training, Boot Camps, Cycling, Pilates, and more!!

                                    Outdoor recreation programs - Pepperdine University

                                    Outdoor Recreation

                                    Campus Recreation provides students many opportunities for outdoor adventure by offering low cost or free equipment rentals and organizing weekend day and overnight trips. Examples of past trips include rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. A key feature of our Outdoor Recreation program is our biannual God in the Wilderness trip, which allows students to earn convocation credits.

                                    The Campus Recreation Intramural program - Pepperdine University


                                    The Campus Recreation Intramural program is intended to encourage all members of our college community to participate in athletic competition. Current sports include basketball, flag football, indoor volleyball, soccer, and ping pong. Intramural sports are open to all current Pepperdine students, faculty, staff, and dependents.

                                    Campus Recreation Club Sports - Pepperdine University

                                    Club Sports

                                    Campus Recreation Club Sports offer students a more competitive environment with regular practices, dedicated coaches, and the opportunity to travel and compete against teams from other universities. Club Sports are officially recognized student organizations that provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

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