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                                    Student Employment

                                    The Student Employment Office of Pepperdine University exists to serve both students and supervisors in the on-campus and off-campus employment process. This high-impact, co-curricular activity serves as an integral part of the total education experience. Student employment provides opportunities for students to build essential communication skills and the hard skills necessary to be successful in today's workplace. Through these unique learning experiences, students are supported as they seek to explore and affirm their future career choice. The hard skills gained will improve student marketability for future employment, along with preparing them for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. 

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                                    Student Employment Office  

                                    Waves in the Workplace

                                    Every year over 2,000 students across all 5 campuses engage in some form of student employment. The student employment office serves as a foundation of support for these students as they take on the challenge of balancing academics, employment, and life at Pepperdine. Read on to find out more about our office and why you should consider student employment.

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                                    Fast Facts

                                    Facts about the Student Employment Office.

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                                    Why be a student employee?

                                    Reasons to consider student employment.

                                    Who We Serve

                                    The Student Employment Office (SEO) works with the faculty and staff of all University departments, and the local community to provide part-time employment opportunities for students. We also work with the Federal Work Study Program and the Pepperdine Work Program university-wide to support more students as they seek jobs while pursuing their individual degrees.

                                    Inspiration Spot

                                    Student employment is an opportunity for students to gain real life work experience and develop themselves as professionals. Not only is it an opportunity for them to discover their passions, but they get the chance to make a difference through their roles. Check out the stories of a few of our 2015-2016 Student Employee of the Year Nominees!

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