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                                    Student Employment Office: Parents

                                    Tyler Campus Center - Pepperdine University

                                    The Student Employment Office strives to interact with Wave parents to establish a relationship that fosters and supports their student's growth academically and professionally.

                                    Welcome, Parents

                                    In an effort to best support both parents and their students, the Student Employment Office has compiled a collection of resources that can be utilized while trying to help your student reach his or her career goals. We hope that these materials will be beneficial to you as you seek to provide wisdom and guidance throughout the year.

                                    While the Student Employment Office will always do their best to provide you with the most up to-date and valuable information, Federal law states that there are some limitations that must be addressed when communicating certain information to parents. For more information, please view our FERPA FAQ's or the FERPA Parent's Guide below:

                                    FERPA: A Parent's Guide

                                    ? ? ? ?Pepperdine University is concerned about the privacy of your student's records and works hard to ensure that all files are kept confidential. When your student was in elementary and high school, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gave both you and your student rights to access and control your student's educational records. Now that your student is enrolled in a University, this same law transfers ownership and control of the records directly to your son or daughter.
                                    ? ? ? ?According to FERPA, college students, regardless of their age, are considered to be responsible adults that are allowed to determine who will receive personal information about them. While parents understandably have an interest in a student's academic progress, they are not automatically granted access to a student's records without written consent of that student. Parents are encouraged to consult with their student if academic information is needed.

                                    Parent Resources


                                    Access videos that will help you support your student as they pursue both on or off campus employment.


                                    Read the latest research and articles depicting the value found in the student employment process and how it prepares students for their future career paths.


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